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Pain in left ovary

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Pain in left ovary

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Hello ladies. I did post on here back in August shortly after suffering from my second ectopic. I am wondering if anyone has suffered from pain in their ovaries, particularly on the side where a tube has been removed? My first ectopic was in February this year when my left tube was removed. The second was in August where the pregnancy was found in the stump of the remaining bit of my left tube. We’ve been ttc from this month and on 14th November I felt some pain in my left ovary which I assumed was ovulation pain, this lasted from about 4pm and continued all evening. It then went away. Then it came back starting from Friday last week (22nd). I have been feeling quite unwell each day since then with deep pain in my left side (presuming it’s my left ovary again as the pain is in the same place), which comes and goes in waves of strength. I also have with this bloating, nausea and tiredness. I also had some light spotting this morning. I am wondering if I am pregnant but I did a hpt this morning and it is clearly negative. My period isn’t due until the end of this week however and my last cycle was 3 days late so if I take that into account I might not be due on until the weekend. Just concerned if i am pregnant and it is another ectopic due to the pain I am in and unsure whether to see my GP or if they will just send me away given I don’t have a positive hpt. If anyone has any advice or similar experience. Thanks so much x

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Re: Pain in left ovary

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Dear Cjb,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancies and losses,
As you have mentioned the pain you have could be due to ovulation pain or just being!ore aware of your own body which can often happen after ectopic pregnancy. Having said this, as you are experiencing worsening pain and light spotting which isn't like your normal expected period, I would discuss these symptoms with your GP, who may advise blood hCG to check your levels.
Although I do not wish to alarm you, if you experience worsening pain or bleeding or feel dizzy and unwell, please seek urgent medical advice.
Sending much love,
Karen x

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