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Sore breasts day 18 post-methotrexate

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Sore breasts day 18 post-methotrexate

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I am currently day 18 post-methotrexate shot and my hCG levels finally began to drop on day 7. My hormone levels are as follows:

Day 1: 406 (sore breasts, twinges)
Day 2: 428 (sore breasts, twinges)
Day 6: 572 spotting
Day 7: 496 spotting
Day 9: 368 (period like heavy bleeding and strong period cramps for 5-7 days)
Day 16: 327 (after 2 days of tapering bleeding brown spotting resumed. Then evening brown bleeding and localised pain, feeling tired and a bit nauseous /unwell)

As you can see, my latest drop has been very little. Since day 15, my breasts have become a bit twingy/some mild shooting pains) even though this stopped a week ago when my hCG levels were falling.

QUESTION: is there any possibility my hCG levels could actually have fallen a lot after day 7 but are now rising (hence the sore breasts?). Is this even possible?

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Re: Sore breasts day 18 post-methotrexate

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Dear Plants105,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss.

I am afraid it is difficult to predict how long it will take for your hormone levels reach non-pregnant levels. As we are all individual, our bodies respond differently to the drug and it depends on factors like how high levels reached and our unique physiology. What I can say is that it can take a number of weeks and, while it can take some time, it is not as invasive a procedure as surgery. It is also encouraging that your levels are falling steadily although I appreciate that it can be a drawn out process. Also, in terms of chances of future successful pregnancies, studies do not show a significant difference between treatment routes, whether surgical, medical using methotrexate or expectant management (allowing time for the body to resolve the pregnancy itself).
Unfortunately, hCG levels can sometimes rise which is why you should be being monitored by your EPU and having regular blood tests. If you are starting to experience other/new symptoms, I would discuss this with your medical team at the EPU. Although I do not wish to alarm you, If you experience any worsening abdominal pain, unusual bleeding, shoulder tip pain or feel dizzy and unwell please seek urgent medical advice.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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