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Needing advice and some peace of mind

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Needing advice and some peace of mind

Post by Auntjeje+16 »

In Feb 2019 I fell pregnant after a very traumatic rollercoaster of health issues before .
I lost my left ovary and tube to cancer and had multiple surgery’s to remove cysts ( 3 C sections , 3 laparoscopys in 2years)
I found out my pregnancy in Feb19 was ectopic and had implanted on the left side where everything was removed . During surgery they also found that my intestines (bowel) had also attached itself to old scar tissue on the left side so they did ** section to correct the bowel and remove the ectopic pregnancy.
I was put on methotrexate but that didn’t work and then needed ** sections and was told to wait 3 months before trying again. I made the decision to wait longer and take the vitamins my doctor gave me ( insu max ) and let my body recover .

Since the surgery in March 19 I have had sharp pains on the left side here and there especially if passing gas.

We have now tried to fall pregnant and I took a test 5days before my expected period and the test came out positive just one line was very faint but a +.
I waited 3 more days and took another and it came back positive and both lines visible .
I have had pains on the left side especially if I’m full and have eaten and pass gas at night , it’s not terrible it’s just weird pain like stretching and burning pain( sometimes sharp) Could this be related to the surgery to correct my bowel and remove the ectopic in the same areas , could it be that it’s just sensitive in the area ? As I am also experiencing slight cramp on the left side of my abdomen aswell and I have this heaviness full feeling in my uterus .

I made the decision to wait longer to try again (8months) so my body can heal and recover , I’ve also been taking the vitamins 3months who that my doctors given me (insu max) to prepare for pregnancy .

I have an appointment on Friday with my oncologist to do bloods and scan but this week just feels like it’s going to be a long weeks wait with the amount of anxiety I have regarding my pregnancy now .

I sometimes get little cramps in my uterus aswell and I have more creamy white discharge .
I’m trying to give myself some peace of mind ( not that it’s helping lol) that this is a good and healthy pregnancy and that maybe the pain I feel on the left side is purely becos I could be sensitive from previous surgery’s ?
These little weird cramps I felt Was like air was passing through on the left side , little air bubbles and twitches . On the right side I get a little sharp pain into my vagina every now and then not constant.

My anxiety is killing me and I’m so nervous for this scan on Friday .
Does anyone perhaps have advice or have had this and isn’t something to worry myself silly over ?

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Re: Needing advice and some peace of mind

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Auntjeje+16,
Whispered congratulations on your pregnancy.
After an ectopic pregnancy, finding we are pregnant again can be a mix of emotions and I can completely understand your feeling nervous. It is perfectly normal to feel scared after the ordeal you have endured. I also felt twinges and aches after my ectopic pregnancy, particularly when I next felt pregnant. My mind started racing and I was only really able to relax to some degree after my early scan. It is a nerve-wracking time and you have a friend here who understands how you are feeling.

Speaking from UK medical practice and standards, usually doctors carry out an internal transvaginal scan at around six weeks with subsequent pregnancies after an ectopic. This is because there is a reasonable chance of seeing an embryo around this six week mark.

Having said this, I do think that if you are currently feeling pain which seems unusual and is concerning you and, in particular, if you experience any bleeding or spotting, it is better to get checked out to be on the safe side. As pain is unique to each person and I have such limited information, it would be better to get professional medical assistance by someone who can examine you. Visiting the hospital would give you peace of mind and, if you explain your previous ectopic pregnancy and the pains you are experiencing now, they would be able to check your symptoms and assist you.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Needing advice and some peace of mind

Post by Auntjeje+16 »

Thank you Karen
I am hoping and praying all goes well for my scan on Friday and that my pregnancy is successfully and good . God is good and I have good faith that this time it won’t be ectopic .

Still nerve wrecking and full of anxiety but the wait is almost over .

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