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Private medical treatment?

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Private medical treatment?

Post by Kjones »

Hi ladies, has anyone in the UK had their ectopic pregnancy treated with private healthcare instead of the NHS?

I have a private scheme through work who apparently cover ectopic pregnancies.

I'm currently trying to expectantly manage this. my baseline HCG was 2100, then 48 hours dropped to 1246 so we were all pleased, but 5 days later it was only 1100 (ish). I'm not in any pain and seem to have stopped bleeding so they have agreed to let me go 7 more days to see what happens and if it hasnt dropped substantially then they will want to give me the methotrexate. I really really dont want this injection unless I really have to. I feel absolutely fine and so worried about having treatment that is most probably going to make me feel awful, and also mean we need to put off trying again for an extra three months.

I am really hoping that my levels drop again next week, but if not I was thinking of possibly going to get a second opinion privately and maybe see if they can scan again to see what's going on and whether the pregnancy is still there or whether I've already absorbed or passed it.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts?

Thanks so much in advance once again! x

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Re: Private medical treatment?

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Kjones,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
I have not personally met anyone who has had private treatment for ectopic pregnancy. I would discuss your concerns over the methotrexate injection vs medical management with your medical team. The methotrexate injection does have side effects but the severity of these is individual.

You mention about a wait after methotrexate treatment and whilst it is true that we advise that you wait until your hCG levels have fallen to below 5mIU/mL (your doctor will advise you when this is through blood tests) and then take a folic acid supplement for 12 weeks before you try to conceive.
I must also advise that it can take a while for hCG to drop with medical management too. How long you need to keep going for repeat blood tests will depend upon how long it takes for your hCG levels to drop to below 5<mIU/mL and this can vary quite considerably from woman to woman. As a general rule, as long as your hCG levels are dropping between blood tests, your doctors will continue to monitor you and manage you expectantly. It can take anything between two weeks and three months, for your hCG levels to fall back to a non-pregnant level but, for most women, hCG levels have reached a non-pregnant state within around four weeks.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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