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Ectopic pregnancy and shot

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Ectopic pregnancy and shot

Post by Tiny84 »

This is my second ectopic pregnancy within the last three months. My HCG level was 2200 on Friday and today it’s 4400. It doubled but my doctor said don’t be alarmed by this number because this can happen. I was giving the shot . I have been having gas like pains on the side of the ectopic pregnancy which makes me nervous because I am not sure if it is really gas pains or pains from the ectopic. In addition, my doctor said adding take folic acid but what eating foods with it.

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Re: Ectopic pregnancy and shot

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Dear Tiny84,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancies and losses. To experience one loss is difficult to deal with multiple losses is heartbreaking and my heart truly goes out to you.
I am presuming from your post that your hCG levels rose after having the methotrexate injection. If this is so, the hCG level often rises on the day four blood test because the action of Methotrexate is not instantaneous, so the cells will have continued to divide for two or three days after the injection was given, and some cells release more hCG when they start to disappear. Your doctors are looking to see a drop in your hCG value of at least 15% between days four and seven. If there has not been a 15% drop, this is when the doctors will consider a second dose of Methotrexate or surgery.

Following methotrexate injection, cramping abdominal pain is the most common side effect, and it usually occurs during the first 2 to 3 days of treatment. Because abdominal pain is also a sign of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy however, we always advise to report any abdominal pain to your health professional.

I am not sure if I have understood your post completely but we would strongly advise against taking folic acid if you have just had a methotrexate injection. This is because the drug methotrexate is a folate antagonist which means it interferes with the folate in the body and blocks cell growth. Accordingly, taking folic acid at the same time as methotrexate can interfere with treatment and mean it may not work so well.

When your hCG levels have fallen to below 5mIU/mL (your doctor will advise you when this is through blood tests) you can then take a folic acid supplement for 12 weeks before you try to conceive. This is because the Methotrexate may have reduced the level of folate in your body which is needed to ensure a baby develops healthily. The Methotrexate is metabolised quickly but it can affect the quality of your cells, including those of your eggs and the quality of your blood for up to three months after it has been given. The medicine can also affect the way your liver works and so you need to give your body time to recover properly before a new pregnancy is considered. A shortage of folate could result in a greater chance of a baby having a neural tube defect such as hare lip, cleft palate, or even spina bifida or other NT defects. This is why the "wait" and then taking folic acid for 12 weeks before trying to conceive is so important.

Look at this NHS site for foods rich in folic acid but we would advise that you don't increase these into your diet until your hCG levels have reduced to 5mIU/mL. ... vitamin-b/

Above all be kind to yourself and allow time to grieve to heal both physically and emotionally,
Sending much love and warm hugs,
Karen x

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