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Pregnant soon after ectopic

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Pregnant soon after ectopic

Post by Enders7 »

Never posted in here before (I also think I’ve managed to post in 2 different places, for a 24 year old I am rubbish with this stuff lol) just wondering if anyone has had this or could give me some reassurance. I had emergency surgery 5 weeks ago after finding out I had an ectopic pregnancy (right tube removal due to rupture). I’ve had sex once since, 2 weeks ago (I checked that I wasn’t ovulating) and I have just found out I am pregnant again.. I bled for a few days after my surgery but haven’t had a proper period since, let alone 2. Obviously we weren’t planning to try again so soon but had anyone had this and got any success stories? I’m so nervous but I’ve got an appointment Monday so hoping that will put my mind at rest.
Thank you

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Re: Pregnant soon after ectopic

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Dear Enders7,
Whispered congratulations on your pregnancy,
Whilst we would advise waiting for two menstrual cycles before trying to conceive again, you haven't been treated with an injection of methotrexate, so I would be less inclined to worry.
Having said this, I sadly have to remind you that if you experience any unusual bleeding, abdominal pain, shoulder tip pain, bladder or bowel problems or feel dizzy and unwell to seek urgent medical advice.

After an ectopic pregnancy, finding we are pregnant again can be a mix of emotions and I can completely understand your feeling nervous. It is perfectly normal to feel scared after the ordeal you have endured. I also felt twinges and aches after my ectopic pregnancy, particularly when I next felt pregnant. My mind started racing and I was only really able to relax to some degree after my early scan. It is a nerve-wracking time and you have a friend here who understands how you are feeling.

Speaking from UK medical practice and standards, usually doctors carry out an internal transvaginal scan at around six weeks with subsequent pregnancies after an ectopic. This is because there is a reasonable chance of seeing an embryo around this six week mark.
We advise contacting your local EPU, reminding them of your ectopic pregnancy and booking an appointment. If you are unable to self refer, contact your GP who will be able to do this for you.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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