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Experiences with HSG?

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Experiences with HSG?

Post by mariahbee »

Has anyone had an HSG (Hysterosalpingography) after an ectopic? My doctor has recommend one to get a better view of the insides of my tubes and uterus, and ensure there are no blockages, etc. but something about the whole procedure screams "no" to me. Maybe because I am only 4 weeks post-op and the idea of having anything else messing with my insides is really off-putting? Just wondering if anyone has had this done before and what your experience with it was... good, bad, helpful, scary? I have to call and book in the procedure soon, if I want it, but would like to get some advice before I go ahead with it!


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Re: Experiences with HSG?

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Dear mariahbee,
In the UK, doctors usually suggest a period of trying to conceive before suggesting any tests or investigations. The EPT advises that women under 35 should seek medical advice following 12 months trying to conceive (and those over 35 should seek advice after 6 months). This is because doctors would not want to introduce the risk of infection through invasive tests

We have further advice on investigations on our website here

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Experiences with HSG?

Post by Bankhead11 »

I had this done a couple of months after surgery for an ectopic where I lost one tube. I was a bit apprehensive, but I thought I might be trying to conceive again for months and months, when if I had the test I'd at least know if my other tube was open straight away. Fortunately, it was open, so that set my mind at rest a bit - although it's no guarantee there won't be another ectopic. Some people say you're more likely to conceive after having the HSG - and the nurse even said that to me. It was uncomfortable and a bit painful but only for a minute or two. Overall for me I think it was worth it. I think the risk of infection is very low, but understand if you don't want further medical messing down there! Good luck whatever you decide. x

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