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Is this normal after having the methotrexate?

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Is this normal after having the methotrexate?

Post by Aswift »

Hi all,

I found out on the 27/1/20 that I had an ectopic pregnancy however it’s one of the rare ones, the cornula ecoptic.
They didn’t want to operate on me due to where the baby was, as it could of meant losing a tube but also having internal bleeding and needing a hysterectomy. So therefore I was given the methotrexate injection and my HCG levels have been coming down. I am having another blood test tomorrow. However my question is, did anybody else experience stomach pains, really bad back ache (more lower) and really sore down below (in your private parts)
I don’t know if this is normal?
Everything I’ve told the hospital previous they’ve just dismissed so I’ve not known if it’s normal.
I’ve just rang my GP and asked for a call back.
I’m just fed up of it all, not feeling I’m getting better.

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Re: Is this normal after having the methotrexate?

Post by Keeks01_ »

Hi Aswift, so sorry to hear the loss of your pregnancy :( I recently had the methotrexate injection on 5/2/20 after the early scan showed my pregnancy was eptopic in the right tube. The day after the injection I suffered mild cramping and didn’t feel to bad, but the 2nd day after the injection I woke up with bad cramps light bleeding and feeling nauseous and generally unwell, I spent the day resting and on day 3 the cramping and bleeding got worse and heavier, day 4&5 was the same but I had big clots coming out, day 6 I had more larger clots and felt lightheaded and dizzy, I was admitted to the women’s health unit for observation and scan to check for internal bleeding everything was fine and yesterday I was discharged from hospital. If you don’t feel somethings right it’s best to be checked out, I hope your feeling better soon and things get better for you :)

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Re: Is this normal after having the methotrexate?

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Aswift,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,
A common side effect of methotrexate is pain, and personally my pain worsened around day 6 after the injection.
However as pain is so subjective and worsening pain could possibly be a worsening sign, you have done exactly the right thing in speaking to your medical team.
We have more information about side effects of methotrexate here

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Is this normal after having the methotrexate?

Post by sarahbaines6 »

hi did you get answers iv just had my first injection for pul on Thursday and today I have quite bad pain in my cervical area.x

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