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Both tubes gone

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Both tubes gone

Post by LRN-2 »

Last year in September I had an ectopic pregnancy and it was so poorly managed that by the time they identified it was ectopic, my only option was surgery and I lost my right tube. Fast forward to four weeks ago when we got a positive pregnancy test and I was over the moon! But then the spotting started and I began to worry it was another ectopic. I was assured it wasn't, they scanned me but it was too early yo tell. My HCG was slowing rising and I had heavy bleeding so I was told it was a miscarriage and to have a repeat blood test in a week when then bleeding stop.

Fast forward to an afternoon at work when the GP calls with the devastating news the hCG is still slowly rising, meaning its very likely another ectopic pregnancy and I need to get myself to the emergency department ASAP. Only when I arrived, they did not take me seriously and sent me home without even doing a blood test and refusing to scan me! I went to my local hospital the following day who thankfully took it much more seriously and identified the tube had already ruptured and I required immediate surgery.

So now I without both of my tubes and completely devastated as well as feeling very sore as I recover from surgery and now processing the fact that I will never be able to convince a child naturally.

Is anyone else in the same boat? And how did you know you were ready to start going down the IVF path?

Sorry for the long post, lots of emotion and events to process.

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Re: Both tubes gone

Post by Carlene1987 »

Hi lovely,
I'm so sorry to be reading about your news. Although I haven't experienced what you've been through (7 weeks post op and right tube gone), I know quite a few people who have had to go down the IVF route. Dont lose hope as I've heard of many success stories. It does take a lot out of you though, finding the strength to continue/go on.
Give yourself time to process it all before considering where to go next. Its surprised me that I want to start trying again given how when it happened, I didnt want to try.
This forum is an amazing source whether it be to read other stories or to post your own and give advice. You have the strength for the next stage in having a baby, you just dont know it yet.

Thinking of you,

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Re: Both tubes gone

Post by Chain smoker »

Hi LRN-2,

I have recently lost my second tube. I say recently, I’m currently laid up, dosed up and feeling that familiar sense of shock, loss and pain (as I’m sure you know too well also).

So this is our 4th ectopic, I was just about to have my lasting tube flushed/dyed (poked/prodded). Little did I know I was 8 weeks gone and once again at risk of death through rupture (only lost a pint of blood this time).

Back to the poking and prodding, so my partner and I have had the thumbs up in terms of our ‘samples’ (egg/sperm count/hormones) and are awaiting full confirmation that the fertility institute (Wales) are accepting our referral (for IVF). We were referred through the our local Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at pregnancy loss number 3 (after me reluctantly but crucially kicking up a right bloody fuss in writing - let me know if you need pointers on this).

So 3 days post op I am thinking once healed up physically, I will request a ‘SOS’ appointment with my fertility nurse (who was assigned on referral) I’m hoping she can be clear of our options, which on reassessment seems to be IVF, as I will now no longer have the chance to conceive naturally which we had hoped for had we had the ‘flush’.

My thoughts are that it’s a little more straight forward now. No future risk of a tubal pregnancy, that for me will lessen the anxiety and dread of yet another dice with death! But I share your sadness and can only hope you have found some sort of reassurance in my response.

Take it easy, (tubeless yet fierce) Kaylie xx

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