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recovery time after methrotrexate

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recovery time after methrotrexate

Post by Alza0303 »


I was hoping some of you could share your experience of how long it took you to recover after methrotrexate treatment.

I had my first (and hopefully last!) methrotrexate injection on 10 February and I just can't believe how poorly I still feel a full 3 weeks later. The first week was horrible (abodminal pain,backpain, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headaches) and thankfully a lot of these symtoms have eased but I am still feeling quite unwell. I feel like it's really dragging on and I can't find any information about how long it is supposed to take. I have no energy whatsoever, still feeling nauseous and dizzy (although a bit less), I can't concentrate, I feel bloated and I have pain in different and seemingly random locations in my abdomen/pelvic area. Thankfully the pain is not too bad, it is more of a constant discomfort which, added to everything else, juts makes me feel awful. I had blood tests done almost a week ago and my hcg was 82 with no signs of anemia. I am going back in tomorrow but I already know that all they will do is look at my hcg and unless it's up, they will just send me home with no further information.

My "care team" are being very dismissive and tell me that it must be something else that is making me feel this way because blood tests show no anemia and methrotrexate side effects should have subsided by now. Everything in me is telling me that this is not an unrelated issue. I would just like to know what is/isn't normal but I just can't find any detailed accounts of what methotrexate recovery looks like. Has anyone else experienced a slow recovery (what was it like?) or were your symptoms gone in less than two weeks?

Thank you to everyone here, reading through these posts has been so helpful!

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Re: recovery time after methrotrexate

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I received the shot March 4 and today April 8th I still struggle with the effects of the shot and ectopic pregnancy. I am experiencing similar symptoms as you. Fatigue especially after any activity. Bloating and pain in all parts of my abdomen. I’ve had bleeding since the first signs of a miscarriage on Feb 17th. At times it feels like there is no end. I was concerned about how much pain I was in recently and my doctors response was that I was “overdoing it” I needed to stop any exercise and activity and just lay low and relax, to give my body some time to heal. Hang in there, it’s a process! I feel your pain and discomfort and I’m sorry you’re experiencing it as well.

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