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5 Weeks Shoulder pain, bleeding, pain lower left side

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5 Weeks Shoulder pain, bleeding, pain lower left side

Post by Anne2020 »

Need advice please,

I’m convinced I have an eptopic pregnancy, however a doctors visit and A&E visit later, they think not. Here’s my symptoms.

Today I’m 5 weeks.

All week I have felt a tingle in my lower left pelvic area, I was convinced the egg had come down from the left side and that’s why it was tingling. However as the week has gone on the pain increased to a constant numb and pinch feeling. I went for a standard blood test 3days ago to confirm the pregnancy, my levels were low, 31.4. I told the doctor about the pain increase in the left side. He gave me an ultrasound, and said not to worry as there was no liquid in the area. He did find a cyst on the right, but said it’s nothing to be concerned about.

The next day my pain increased on the left side, but also I started to feel cramps in the lower abdomen. Shortly after blood started to come out. As the day progressed so did the blood flow. It got to 7pm that night, blood was like a heavy first day period, very dark red with clots. I went to A&E, he gave me a vaginal ultrasound, I explained the pain, he sort of disregarded me. And said it’s probably just cramping which is normal when miscarrying. And most likely he thinks I was miscarrying and advised me to have a blood test again in a week to check HCG levels.

Went to sleep that night, not very relaxed. Woke at 5am to shoulder tip pain! I can only describe it as if I slept on it and it was numb and slight pins and needles. As the day has gone on, the pain in the lower left is still noticeable but not causing me to curl over, and the shoulder numbing/tingle is still present on the tip, but not overly painful, just noticeable. Im extremely confused as I was convinced it was eptopic, however two doctors over two days said otherwise. Now just wondering wether to go to A&E again to see if my tube has ruptured, or wait a little longer at home to see how I feel. Blood flow has slowed today, can compare to a second day of period, colour still dark red. I’ve had no dizziness or nausea, but slight lose of appetite. I have had lower back pain over this morning. The shoulder pain has really got me scared!! At this point it’s obvious I’ve lost the baby, I just want to do what’s best for me now. If you have been through this please help!!

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Re: 5 Weeks Shoulder pain, bleeding, pain lower left side

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Dear Anne2020,
I am so sorry to hear of the difficult time you are going through.
Sadly I am not medically trained so cannot give you specific advice on your pregnancy.
It could be that you are sadly experiencing a miscarriage however given your symptoms, we would always suggest getting medical advice and do this urgently if your symptoms are worsening.
Sending much love and warm hugs,
Karen x

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