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Period after ectopic and methotrexate

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Period after ectopic and methotrexate

Post by AK89 »

Hi all

I was 6 weeks pregnant when I began bleeding and unfortunately following ultrasound and internal examination- having an ectopic on my left side.
I was treated with methotrexate and discharged from EPU after 4 weeks.
4 weeks following treatment I experienced light bleeding in which I hoped was a sign of my first period. This lasted a day or 2- nothing like my previous periods.
I am now post 8 weeks and anxious in regards to period and ovulation. I am extremely keen to restart trying after 12 weeks like they recommend but also conscious about my cycles.

Has anyone had any other experiences with their periods post ectopic and methotrexate?

Thanks in advance x

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Re: Period after ectopic and methotrexate

Post by Rquayle32 »

I’m currently going through something similar. Anxiously waiting a period. My bleeding stopped for a week and a half so I thought my cycle was starting to get back on track. Unfortunately I am currently bleeding again. It’s been 4 weeks after methotrexate. My doctor indicated since my hcg levels are at 43 it is not yet a period. Have your hcg levels gone back down to zero?

I after two years of trying I never thought I would be hoping to get a period. I know this doesn’t answer your question directly. But hope you find it helpful nonetheless

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