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To tell friends or not?

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To tell friends or not?

Post by chm1234 »

Hi there,

I've only recently been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy & am doing expectant management while tracking my hcg levels. Likely to go down the methotrexate route & hoping I won't need surgery. I consider myself lucky because I found out I was pregnant in the GPs office & was immediately referred to A&E for a scan as it was suspected ectopic. I was TTC with my husband so being pregnant wasn't a shock, but finding out it's ectopic is devastating.

We're both coming to terms with it but I don't know how to tell my friends or if I should. None of them have been pregnant so I don't know if they'll understand and I definitely am not strong enough right now to have to explain what it means.

I'm struggling with my friends not knowing & trying to pretend that everything is normal.

Any feedback advice would be great.


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Re: To tell friends or not?

Post by Leahsmith »

Hi lovely,

I'm so sorry to hear your news. I had my first ectopic in January but I had an op to sort it. Time does make you feel better and now I am in such a better place.

I did tell friends and I found it useful. Some have kids and some don't. It was useful because people started telling me about their own miscarriages or ectopics but my friends without children were also so supportive and helpful and checked on me and kept my spirits high. For me it was the right things to do, they understood why I was miserable and understood that I wasn't my normal self and I didn't have to pretend or make something up.

Ultimately it's up to you and whatever you choose to do I'm sure it will be the best thing for you. Sending you lots of love and I promise it will get easier ♥️♥️♥️

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