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Emergency contraceptive options

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Emergency contraceptive options

Post by Laurenelsa1 »


I had an ectopic at the end of December and had surgery with tube also removed.
Unfortunately me and my boyfriend had an accident with a split condom last night and I am not in a place to get pregnant right now emotionally.

I'm now really worried. Can I use the morning after pill? I've read it may not be safe after you've had an ectopic but I dont know what else I'll do as I definitely dont want to get pregnant.

I'm now terrified of the possibility of another ectopic whether I do or do not take the morning after pilll.

Anyone know about/have experience of this?
I do have a phone call with my doctor later but I'm getting very worked up so thought I'd see if anyone on here had an idea?

Thank you

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Re: Emergency contraceptive options

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Dear Laurenelsa1,
Apologies for the late reply and I imagine by now you have spoken to your Dr. I would think that if you are really not in the right place to become pregnant, your best option would be to take emergency contraception.
Your Dr will have discussed risks with you I'm sure.
I would advise seeking urgent medical advice if you do not have a period as you would expect or develop severe abdominal pain, unusual bleeding, shoulder tip pain or feel dizzy and unwell.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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