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Wound ? Infection

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Wound ? Infection

Post by Tara2 »

Hi ladies,
Has anyone had problems with their wounds post op? On Sunday my lower wound was oozing and increasingly painful, the nurse took a stitch out which helped the wound and it’s healed well. However since then I’ve noticed a blister looking lump in my belly button and it’s oozing green/smelly discharge- sorry for the info! I’ve rang my GP surgery and they’ve done me a prescription of oral antibiotics. It’s so sore !! This is the most pain I’ve experience since the op, I’m now 3 and half weeks since the op and getting so frustrated. I’m eating plenty of fruit, veg , drinking plenty of fluids, kept my wounds cleaned so I expected to have healed physically.
Has anyone else experienced this ?
Thank you

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Re: Wound ? Infection

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Tara2,

I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss, and now, further complications. Unfortunately, I am not medically trained, but I would advise speaking to your GP or practice nurse as they may have advised keeping the area as dry as possible. If it is still quite smelly, I would advise getting it reviewed as this may mean that there continues to be some infection present.

I know how frustrating a process the recovery from ectopic pregnancy can be. It takes a toll both physically and emotionally. Your surgery is still so very recent. Keep looking after yourself and getting as much rest as possible. Always feel able to reach out to your GP if your wound is not healing and to ensure that the infection is subsiding.

We are here anytime you need it.

With good wishes,


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Re: Wound ? Infection

Post by Feyram »

I had an operation on Friday and they removed my left tube. On discharge they haven’t really told me what to do with the dressings. Did you go to your GP after a week for them to have a look and change them? I’m very paranoid about them getting infected so just wondering what i should be doing!

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Re: Wound ? Infection

Post by Tara2 »

Hi Mary,
Sorry to hear of your recent ectopic , I was sent home from the hospital with some spare dressings they advised to leave them on for a couple of days (I put fresh dressings on after the shower). I’m four weeks now and 2 of the 4 incisions have healed really well it’s just my belly button and the right incision. I just kept an eye out for an oozing, redness, pain, hot to touch. I’ve eaten lots of fruit and veg, drank plenty to promote wound healing! I was advised to shower and not use soap on the wounds , the stitches should dissolve on their own but after a few weeks mine hadn’t so I had them taken out.
Take care Mary,

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