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Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

This is a welcoming place for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge and experiences of ectopic pregnancy.
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Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by Jess93 »

Hello 3months ago I had a ruptured Cornual ectopic I lost 3litres of blood and nearly lost my life as I was bleeding into my abdomen in my sleep , they could not stop the bleeding through keyhole so went in Laparotomy style like ** section took my right tube ,the pregnancy and part of my uterus.
I was told these ectopics are rare and to be honest im finding it hard to find advice from anyone about conceiving after a Cornual let alone conceiving after a Laparotomy style surgery.

I would like to try again soon but no one seems to be able to tell me when or where to start or when is safe to do so :( its been so hard as it is but having no one to ask things to has made it harder.

If anyone has been through my situation or close please help im feeling so useless

Thanks in advance
Jess xxx

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Re: Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Jess,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy and loss,

While there is no clear, researched evidence on how long a woman should wait to try to conceive after having treatment for ectopic pregnancy, we and other medical professionals advise you wait for at least three months or two full menstrual cycles (periods) before trying to conceive for both physical and emotional reasons.

Physically, this timeframe is to allow your cycle to return and for there to be a clear Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date to be able to date a new pregnancy from. The LMP date is what is used to decide when to scan a pregnancy; information that is invaluable in ensuring you are not suffering from another ectopic pregnancy.

The first proper period you have after an ectopic pregnancy is likely to be heavier than usual and the second more like your usual period. A normal period would suggest you are hormonally ready to be able to try to conceive. Having two periods can also give an idea of menstrual cycle length, which may be different for a few months after your ectopic before settling back into its usual rhythm.

This wait allows the internal inflammation and bruising from the ectopic and any associated treatment to heal.
In addition to the physical aspects of ectopic pregnancy, many women also feel an intense emotional impact. Taking time before trying to conceive again enables the necessary process of grief to surface and be worked through. The emotional recovery that is often needed can be significant and many underestimate this aspect. Some studies suggest that women who conceive immediately after treatment for ectopic pregnancy are more at risk of suffering a subsequent ectopic and, as painful as it is to think about, the incidence of miscarriage (which is not linked to ectopic pregnancy) is 1 in 5 pregnancies, so taking that extra bit of time enables you some emotional recovery to feel strong enough to face whatever is coming next should there be further bad news.

Having said this as your surgery involved part of your uterus, I would be guided by medical professionals who have access to your medical notes and can go e you specific advice. You can do this by contacting your GP or calling the secretary of your surgeon (their name should be on discharge papers) and asking them to ask the question to your surgeon on your behalf. Having information from the specialists will hopefully put your mind at rest,

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by Jess93 »

Thankyou so much for your reply ❤

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Re: Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by Sam1xx »

Hi Jess,

I also had a cornual ectopic 3 months ago!

I am so sorry to hear what you went through, I’ll be honest your experience sounds worse than mine so I am sending you the BIGGEST hug because that must have been so scary and I can relate so much to your worries and concerns.

My bf and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant, we were over the moon when it finally happened, I paid for an early private scan cos I wanted reassurance everything was ok. So on 21st June at 7 weeks pregnant I went for my scan and was told it was ectopic. I was taken to hosp in ambulance. Once at the hosp the doctor scanned me again and confirmed it was cornual and I needed urgent surgery. The doctor made an incision in my uterus to remove the pregnancy.

I didn’t have a tube removed however I will now have scar tissue from the operation so I am worried this will impact me getting pregnant again, I asked the doctor and he said they can’t say for sure whether the scar tissue will get in the way of my right tube and I basically have to hope for the best! But I’m terrified of it happening again.

I’m desperate to try again also. I was told to wait until I have a period so they can work out how many weeks pregnant you are, but the problem is since my surgery I’ve been spotting and bleeding randomly, there’s no pattern, the doctor said it can take a while for periods to get back to normal so I am just keeping a log of the random bleeding/spotting, but I have no idea what’s period and what’s post surgery bleeding. Sorry if this is a bit too personal but how have you found your bleeding/periods since your surgery?

I just want my body back to normal, it’s draining and emotionally exhausting having so many questions and worries.


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Re: Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by nina5351 »

Hi Jess,

I’m sorry you went through this. And I thank you for sharing. I literally just went through this on Friday 9/11/20. I had internal bleeding as well and was taken into surgery and had a piece of my uterus and my tight tube removed as well.

My OBGYN told me yesterday that since a corner of my uterus (Cornual pregnancy) was removed, that she wants me to wait 6 months to heal before we try again. She also said that because the uterus has a weakened area that I will have to have C-sections going forward, because the uterus could rupture if it goes through labor.

I know it’s pretty new for me but I’m pretty angry and physically and emotionally exhausted. I feel like I’m in a bad nightmare I want to wake up from.

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Re: Ruptured Interstational (Cornual) Ectopic

Post by Jess93 »

Hey just a update and reply

I experience almost 3 weeks of bleeding after surgery then my first period was [heck]

I have been to see a doc/fertility specialist

I had quite a invasive scan where they insert a tube into your cervix and blow up a balloon to close it they then put dye through that tube and push saline through the remaining tube to make sure that it functions

They checked both ovarys and counted follicles

I do have scaring from the cornual

Basicly I was told that we can start trying after 6months and the chances of another etopic are higher for people that have had one previously but they are still extremely low and the chances or another Cornual are like getting struck by lighting. The reason they say it is higher for people who have had one is because sometimes the pregnancys like to form around areas with scar tissue.

So basicly it has to be somewhat planned so we can find out early have a scan make sure the pregnancy is in the correct place.

I will have to have a csection as the scar tissue in the uterus would make a risky birth aswel as the scar tissue from the csection scar I have from when they removed the etopic pregnancy.

We have only tried twice so far planning with ovulation. So far no good news to report but im staying positive.

I wish you all the best on your journeys xxx

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