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Post by Jen1111 »

Hi Everyone, I wondered if anyone had managed to have a HyCoSy or HSG test anywhere in the U.K. since the Covid pandemic? I am Midlands based and I cannot find anywhere that is offering this procedure, either privately or on the NHS. It seems that they’ve all been cancelled due to Covid. Does anyone have any experience of this too? Thanks in advance xxx

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Re: HSG/HyCoSy

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Dear Jen1111,
I am sorry but I cannot give you specific advice on areas and investigations that are being completed but I am aware that most hospitals have yet to start routine procedures just yet due to Covid-19.
I would advise speaking to your GP who maybe able to refer you so that you are in the system once routine procedures begin again.

Sending much love,
Karen x

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Re: HSG/HyCoSy

Post by EP23 »

So I’m in London and I had an ultrasound privately in July which didn’t show anything and the doctor implied I was imagining it. She said you shouldn’t have an x ray etc until 6 months after the ectopic because it can irritate your tubes if they’re still healing.

I have finally managed to get a referral on the NHS (it’s now 5 months). I’m really scared I’ll tempt fate by saying this but the nurse where I’m being seen has told me to phone on the first day of my next period to book in the HSG. So hopefully I will have it soon.

I think there is so much miscommunication in the NHS, especially from COVID. When I phoned to book my initial consultation I got redirected all over the place and some departments said treatments haven’t resumed yet and some said they had. This particular hospital has been doing phone consultations this whole time and resumed treatments in June. I spoke to 5 people before I got that confirmed.

I had real problems actually getting the referral from the GP to the hospital in the first place. It kept getting rejected by the board who deal with referrals. In the end I actually phoned them and said if they reject it again and anything happens to me I will hold them responsible and take legal action against them. The acceptance letter arrived in the post the next day. It’s a shame you have to go through so much and still they make your life difficult. My advice is to be really forceful and don’t take no for an answer. Good luck xx

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Re: HSG/HyCoSy

Post by Jen1111 »

Oh my gosh, how stressful! I’m so glad you have (fingers crossed) got something lined up now.

I spoke to a consultant directly at Coventry hospital who said HSGs and HyCoSys haven’t restarted there. Apparently they have in Birmingham but I can’t get through to the right dept to find out.

I have now found a clinic in London who will do a HyCoSy, but I don’t really want to travel for 2 hours for a procedure that really could be done more locally to me.

Will you let me know how your HSG goes? I’ve sent you an email (it’ll come through from the ectopic address but if you reply it goes direct to me if you prefer?). I’m so confused as to why I’m in pain still and it would be helpful to know if there is any reason for it found on your scan. Good luck with it, I hope it happens and goes ok xxx

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