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Retention cyst

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Laura explor
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Retention cyst

Post by Laura explor »

My ectopic is cornual / interstitial/ angular, different Drs have used different terms.

Diagnosed 10 weeks ago with HCG 7,100. Treated with 2 doses MTX then keyhole surgery to locally inject MTX into the ectopic. HCG is now 6.8.

It was 1.1cm at diagnosis on 3 August but dropped to 0.4cm after MTX surgery on 24 august, however, in September and October it has grown to 1.85cm. I’m being scanned every week and Dr is calling the mass a retention cyst. Has anyone experienced this before? Any words of wisdom or info on what to expect would be appreciated.

EPT Host 22
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Re: Retention cyst

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Laura explor,

I am so sorry that you have suffered an ectopic pregnancy and loss. I too had an cornual ectopic pregnancy, and I know how many questions the experience leaves us with. Unfortunately, I am not medically qualified to comment upon your specific situation. I would encourage you to continue conversations with your Drs, ensuring that you ask as many and as detailed questions as you need. Each women is different and our bodies process the experience in different ways. It's important to ensure you are having clarification of your situation and any questions answered. I always encourage people to ensure they are writing down their questions and asking at their next appointments, no matter how small they might seem.

Sending you good wishes,


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