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Bleeding after surgery

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Bleeding after surgery

Post by burch069 »

Hi! I just had an ectopic pregnancy removed on New Years Eve - we didn't even know I was pregnant because I had just finished a completely regular period the week before- so we discovered and lost the pregnancy on the same day. We are still in shock I think.
I was wondering if anyone else experienced period like bleeding as early as 7 days after their surgery? My doctor basically told me as long as it's not too heavy and doesn't clot it's ok but my periods are always heavy and clot anyway so I can't tell if this bleeding is my period trying to reset or something we should worry about. I'm still having pain on my left side (the ectopic was in the right tube which they were able to save) and now I'm having more pain just basically all around my abdomen which again could be cramps or be something worse.
It just seems like the answer is always - everyone is different - so how can I know when to be concerned?
Anyone else have heavy bleeding so soon after their surgery and it was just a period?

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Re: Bleeding after surgery

Post by Stephy »

Hi Burch069,

I had surgery on 18th December.

What I've found out from talking to a gynaecologist at a different hospital is: some bleeding after surgery is normal, and is your body responding to the change in hormones etc, but it isnt classed as a period as you need to have ovulated for that to happen. If it gets super heavy, clots, smells or anything worries you, call your GP or early pregnancy/gynae unit.

When you have surgery, there is bound to be bruising and swelling internally, which is part of what causes the pain. It will take some time to settle - mine is easing but not there just yet.

Thinking of you x

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