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Bleeding 10 days after surgery

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Bleeding 10 days after surgery

Post by Dot2dot »

Hi all,
I am 10 days post keyhole surgery. I had my right tube removed. I’ve had a little light spotting since being discharged but barely anything. Today I have started what feels like a period, bleeding and cramps. I’m finding this really traumatic.

The bleeding is normal period bleeding for me - so not very heavy or anything like that.

Is this normal? Is there anything I should watch out for? Is this because my HcG has dropped so effectively this is the end of the physical aspect of this pregnancy?

It’s all so confusing and I feel like I can’t hold any information in my head. I’m sure the hospital said something about bleeding to me but I can’t remember what.

I had bleeding around the time of my positive test and thought it was a chemical pregnancy. Then I was told (based on HcG doubling) that it was a normal pregnancy. Then I started bleeding again at 6 weeks and was told it was a miscarriage. Then almost immediately it ruptured and I was diagnosed with an ectopic. So I feel like I haven’t know what’s going on from one moment to this next.

Even this bleeding is scary for me now though I realise it’s probably normal. Are cramps normal too?

Can anyone reassure me? Thanks.

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Re: Bleeding 10 days after surgery

Post by lolly2481 »

Ho Dot2Dot

I believe it is normal to have bleeding and some people get cramps.

I didn't have surgery but was told by the hospital that if I was bleeding heavily (and heavily was soaking a sanitary towel in an hour) then I should contact them but other than that I should just expect 'some bleeding '.

With the cramps..I guess if they can be alleviated with paracetamol and a hot water bottle then that's not too bad. Only if it's severe enough that doesn't work then I'd worry as it may be a sign of infection but I'm not a doctor so if you are concerned then I would ring the hospital or your gp. Its ok to have questions, there's a lot to take in.

Sending you love and best wishes x

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Re: Bleeding 10 days after surgery

Post by EPT Host 22 »

Hi Dot2dot,

I'm so sorry to hear that you've suffered this ectopic pregnancy and loss. It is not unusual for women to bleed after treatment for ectopic pregnancy. This first bleed after treatment is a response to falling hormone levels and involves the shedding of the uterine lining and is not classed as a period. The length of the bleeding can vary from woman to woman and some women do report spotting and bleeding for up to around six weeks after an ectopic pregnancy.

With your first bleed, we would recommend using sanitary pads and this is because you would still be healing internally. It is important to avoid tampons until you have healed internally because they could introduce bacteria and the possibility of infection. Also, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on your bleeding, and using sanitary pads helps judge this.

If you are soaking more than a pad in an hour, you should get medical attention. You can of course use tampons for your next normal menstrual period if you choose to do so. While this is usually nothing to worry about, if you develop offensive smelling discharge or body temperature of more than 37°C, please do get medical attention as these too can be signs of infection.

With good wishes,

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Re: Bleeding 10 days after surgery

Post by NovemberRain »


I had my ectopic surgery mid-Nov and lost my left tube. I had no spotting but I bled on the 11th day after my surgery which I assumed was the post-op bleed mentioned. It was just like a period and lasted 3 days followed by a few days of end of period like spotting. My first proper period arrived exactly 6 weeks after surgery.

Hope this helps

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