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Pain/ discomfort around scar after surgery

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Pain/ discomfort around scar after surgery

Post by Mags2021 »

Hi everyone
I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy about 11 weeks ago. It was emergency surgery and I had a laparotomy- abdominal surgery, not keyhole.
I’ve starting experiencing pain around the scar area just recently, like a throbbing pain. And it area seems quite warm..
just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I’ve read on the forums about ovulation pain, and it’s around ovulation time for me now.
So if anyone has experienced this, any advice or thoughts would be welcome.. I’m just wondering do I need to contact my doctor or is this normal enough for such experiences?
Many thanks for any help in advance xx

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Re: Pain/ discomfort around scar after surgery

Post by mowakasha »


I literally am coming on here for the very same reason. I have pain where my right tube was every time I get my period and then at random times throughout my cycle like ovulation. But when I get my period my right side is often very sore at first. My tube removal was November 2020.

I think it’s maybe scar tissue/adhesions but wondered if other people have this. It’s horrible! As if the ectopic wasn’t bad enough you get reminded with pain where the ectopic was!

Maybe it’s just a horrid aftermath…

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Re: Pain/ discomfort around scar after surgery

Post by Mags2021 »

Hi Mowakasha!
Thanks for sharing your experience- good to know I’m not imagining it!!
Yeah I have definitely experienced more discomfort with my periods since the surgery..
and definitely more aware of discomfort around the scar area this maybe it is scar tissue/ adhesions like you suggested…

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this and have tried any creams or ointments to help soothe the scar area?

Certainly an irritating reminder Mowakasha!
Hopefully you’re feeling much better otherwise- thanks again for your reply! 😊

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Re: Pain/ discomfort around scar after surgery

Post by EPT Host 20 »

Dear Mags and Mowakasha,
I am so sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancies and losses.
As you have both rightly mentioned, experiencing some pain after an ectopic pregnancy is normal as your body has been through a great deal over the last few months. The pain may be due to adhesions (scar tissue that binds two parts of the body together) which form and take some time to settle. Your body may be preparing to ovulate and many women experience ovulation pain when they did not before their ectopic pregnancy - including myself. You also may have a heightened perception because of the sad loss that you have had to go through.
Mags, you mention it is feeling warm, If you feel the area is warm to touch, The skin looks red, it is oozing from any sound site or you develop a temperature I would advise speaking to a medical professional as these can be signs of infection.

You could take over the counter pain relief per pack instructions and If the pain persists, I suggest keeping a pain diary noting when the pain appears, the intensity on a scale of 0-10 and anything that helps the pain eg resting, hot water bottle, paracetamol etc. Visiting your doctors with this information helps them to assess how best to manage your symptoms.and

Sending much love,
Karen x

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