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The Second one
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I had a SIS test done 3 weeks prior to getting pregnant. At 7 weeks and 4 days surgery for EP was done removing one of my tubes.
After surgery I was told I had a blockage in the tube, which was there a long time.
When I got the SIS test done the Doctor said my tubes were "very open".
Is the HSG test better than SIS? SIS for me was completely pointless. The Surgeon said it could only measure fluid movement, and is not an indication of adhesions.

EPT Host 22
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Re: HSG and SIS

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Hi TheSecondOne,

Unfortunately, I'm not medically qualified and cannot comment on your specific situation. I know that others on these boards have gone through some of these tests and may be able to provide insight on their experiences. However, I also encourage you to continue following up with your medical team regarding your questions to be sure you gain the understanding you are seeking and more certainty of the value of the tests.

With good wishes,


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