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Heart is broken...

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:03 pm

Hey ladies,

Nicola yea it was good to get away for a night in Luton n have a break. Althou I did feel guilty to leave Elle for the night. I think Ur right that she just missed me.
Really.. it sounds like Poppy is attached to u more at night time.. Arielle is like that with me too althou her dad can settle her but with me she wants me to pick her up coz she's more clingy with me.

Yea it was stressful Wen Elle was poorly for so long n Wen we went away.
Yea Ur right it wasn't fair on me only one getting up in the morning with Elle n never getting a lye in. I get so emotional Wen I'm over tired. Your right thou thanks, mayb next time il try get him to take it in turns to get up with Elle like you said is only fair. Your right thou it's hard to be away from home especially with a baby n hard to sleep in a different place.

That is really good you go to bed at 9pm.. I know I would benefit from doing the same. I'm sorry to hear u n Poppy have been ill n her teething too. How are u both now? I hope Ur both feeling better. I know teething is hard to deal with for both of u.

It's really amazing that Poppy mainly sleeps through the night. It's great for you all.

My mother's Day was ok thank. My bf wasn't well so he was up til midday but he went n got me a lovely card n a pj sert with a mummy n baby kangaroo on it n it says Me and my mummy on it n he got me big box of malteasers. It was just a normal day for me thou. I did get a nap in the afternoon thou as hadn't slept much night before.

That sounds lovely what you did for mother's Day n Ur presents sound lovely too.

Awww that's lovely Poppy now says Mummy :)

I hope you n Poppy are both well.

Butterfly it's great to hear from you, I hope you had a lovely mother's Day too?
I know what you mean time does sure go fast with a lil one. Sometimes it takes me a while to get on here too.

I know I can't believe Arielle is almost 2 and a half in 2 days now. Her second birthday does not seem half a yr ago.

Yea Ur right sleep deprivation is the worst. Arielle is doing well thank u n she's much better from when she was poorly the other month. No she's not in her sleep routine yet. It's a shame as she was doing so well with it for a while n then after getting I'll she just continued to be clingy especially with me. We are trying to get her back to a good sleep routine n there is some progress. I'm setting my alarm to wake me n Elle up a bit earlier every day so to start our day a bit earlier. She still naps some days but some days she doesn't. We've been trying to get her in bed by about 8pm.. shel still watch her tablet for lil while in her bed with me or her dad n she's not really too interested in bedtime stories now. Then after about 20 mins Wel try get her to sleep. If I take her to bed she cried Wen I try to leave her to sleep n gets clingy with me so her dad's been taking her to sleep for the past week n it's Def getting better coz he's able to get her to lye down n leave her to get herself to sleep. She will usually fall asleep around 9pm n least Wen he's doing that I get chance to do things like cleaning up or hanging washing or some nights IV actually had a bath at night on my own without Elle in the bathroom with me which I rarely get to do.

Wen she starts settling better in bed IL start to get her to bed some nights too but for now we are letting her dad take her.
She's been waking up mayb a couple times before I go bed n her dad can get her bk to sleep quicker than me as min I go in there she gets so upset n wants me to pick her up. But Wen she wakes later in the night n I go to her I can't settle her so she ends up back in bed with me. U tried to settle her other night in her bed took 2,hrs n Wen I tried to leave her asleep she woke up n wouldn't settle n ended up in my bed anyway as was 3.30am n I'd hardly slept.

I'm trying to still go bed bit earlier which I have been but not really early enough coz I may go bed around 11pm n still awake so end up on my phone or watching TV do yea I Def need try go bed bit earlier. Be nice to even be in bed around 10 n try sleep from 11pm so I'm working on that. Hopefully if Elle starts going sleep earlier I can too as need time to myself after she's asleep.

Yes thank u I am feeling more better after our family visits.. as I was telling Nicola I felt so low n really struggled n even Wen I got hi I still felt down n kept fighting crying. Since I got back I just tried pick myself upniv been pushing myself to try get out more to help me feel better n it's better for Elle too. Do in past week we've been out alot. Like last Saturday I took Elle to cinema for first time with my twin sis n my 4 Ur old niece to watch Peppa pig movie. Elle was really good n enjoyed it, she was bit young for it n fell asleep last ten minutes but it was good to take her n she loves to be with her cousin.

Then past week we been going park n play groups more n soft play other day too o we've been out more than home I think had helped n it tires Elle out more to.

I can't believe Jack is nearly 2 years old. I hope he has a lovely birthday next week n you have a lovely time together.

Oh no tantrums.. I knew what you mean Arielle gets them n goes crazy screaming over like having her Nappy changed or me putting her in her buggy. It's crazy how they have them but I know normal.

That's lovely Jack is talking.. I'm sure hel keep saying more Wen he's ready as I know it's hard not to compare but they all do things Wen they are ready. Arielle is talking more especially in the last month but obviously she's older nearly 2 and half but like with potty training I want to train her but she's not ready yet n gets upset if I try put her on the potty n will sit on it wen she wants to but more for playing but I know she will Wen she's ready so I can't rush her.

Wow that is really great u are still breastfeeding him. You are doing really well to still be doing it.
I understand it must be hard to still do it n ofcourse u want to soon stop.

That's really great that he sleeps so well at night just waking once. That's early waking at 6am but I know it's normal for babies. It's coz I'm use to Elle waking nearer to 7/7.30 in the mornings.
Yea I know it's exhausting Wen they take ages to settle at night.. I hope he starts settling quicker for you.

I hope you n Jack are both well n Happy Birthday for him for next week.

Keepon hoping I hope u n Isobel are well too.

I hope all you ladies n bubba's are ok. x x x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:55 pm

Hi Toni,

It sounds like you are making some progress with Arielle if your partner is getting her to bed and she’s managing to sleep on her own. I am sure if you keep doing it she will get better and better. Poppy is still sleeping well but can be up anytime from 5-6am but I’m usually in bed for 9 so it’s not too bad.

I haven’t been feeling very well recently and had a cold and just couldn’t shake it, i then realised I was late for my period and did a test and found out I am pregnant. It was a shock as we hadn’t been trying, but equally we hadn’t been preventing either. So at the moment I’m 10 weeks. We haven’t told anyone and I haven’t had a scan yet as I didn’t really find the early ones with Poppy that reassuring until after 12 weeks. I’ve got my 12 week scan in May although it’s come through when I’ll be 13+4 so later than i expected. I’ve felt really sick with this pregnancy which I’ve not has before. I had nausea with Poppy but not as bad as this time around. Bit scared of having two under two but then I think I might as well get it all done now and then when I move out the baby stage next time I know that’s it. I absolutely love since Poppy has turned one and she’s walking and talking and interacting so well.

I am dreading telling work though as it doesn’t feel like I have been back very long.

Can’t believe Arielle will be 3 this year, you will soon be thinking about schools and where she’s going.

Anyway, I hope you are having a good weekend and feeling a bit better having some sleep.

Speak soon. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu May 09, 2019 5:09 pm

Hey Nicola, I'm sorry for late reply iv literally just read Ur msg now n wished I'd read it earlier.
Wow I'm so so pleased for you.. Massive Congratulations what wonderful news that ur preg. So that must mean Ur nearly 12 wks now so Ur scan must be in couple wks?
How are u feeling now? I'm do UV been feeling so sick n IV heard every pregnancy can be so different. I use to struggle with morning sickness with Arielle alot n found them travel sickness wrist bands n nibbling ginger biscuits would help. I hope Ur sickness is easing up.
Yea I know what u mean re the earlier scans are not as reasuring after what u been through.. I was the same.
I'm so pleased for u thou n what a lovely surprise for u. Yes Ofcourse Ur babies will be so close in age. I hope Ur getting rest wen u can. Awww Poppy will be a big sis. I'm over the moon for u n Ur husband.
How are u feeling now?

I understand about Ur work.. but I'm sure theyl be so happy for u. They do say u fall preg quicker Wen don't try.

Yea I know what u mean it is nice Wen Ur baby is bigger n walking n you can interact with them.
Please take it as easy as u can. I'm really happy for u n I'm glad Ur 12 wks scan will be soon to put Ur mind at ease. Have u been to Ur docs?
Il pray for u m Ur bubba but I'm sure all will be well.

It's great Poppy is still sleeping do well n that Ur being sensible to go bed at 9 to get as much sleep as poss.

Thanks Arielle's sleep has improved n her dad still takes her to bed most nights. We've started leaving her in bed on her own watching her Peppa pig etc on you tube for about ten minutes with the camera on her n then her dad goes in the room n site with her for 10 more minutes to watch tablet with her before saying goodnite. She winged a bit but soon goes to sleep.

We had started to leave her on her own to watch her tablet for twenty minutes n then her dad would go in switch it off n say goodnight but after few nights of doing that he had gone In her room o e night to switch off tablet n say nite n Arielle had tantrum coz did not want sleep even thou she had been awake all day, she got so upset she choked n threw up loads started whilst lying down.. was scary coz Dave quickly come out n gave her to me with sick all in her hair n her bed was covered in it.. so had to clean her n let her sleep with me n she had been fine before do that was all over a tantrum .so we can never really just let her cry for bit to go sleep coz she can get hysterical n make her self sick.. so by her dad staying with her half the time at bedtime helps her to not get so upset Wen it's time to sleep.

Even thou she's doing well in that getting to sleep she still wakes up in the night n won't settle n ends up in my bed.. it's do hard to get her to stop doing that n whether she naps or not In the day coz done days she'll nap but alot of days she doesn't nap. But regardless she still seems to wake in the night n other night I was asleep n her dad heard a bang n found her outside her bedroom door saying "Where's mummy Where's mummy" so Dave brought her into me. I don't know why Elle is do clingy with me at night time. So I Def hope she outgrows it.

My backs been bad for the last week so it's hard having Arielle in my bed from usually around 3am coz she tries to lye on me or lye so close to me.

Yea I can't believe she'll be age 3 in nearly 5 months now. Yea I can't imagine thinking re schools. Shel be starting nursery when she's age 3 yrs and 3months old do in Jan shel be entitled to 30 free per week aslong as I'm working 30 hrs per week so il have to find a nursery for her and job for me. So IV got 8 months to find a nursery for her.

Iv started potty training Arielle today.. I mean I tried before she was age two n first time she weed on potty just by luck I think but since she wouldn't go on potty only with her clothes on so IV tried on n off for months to get her to try use it n only yesterday I managed to get her to sit on her potty with no nappy coz usually she freaks out but it's helped by me buying a baby doll for who which drinks water n pees on her own lil potty so I tried again today n Elle did a big wee on the potty. I was so proud.. I haven't been able to get her to go since but I'm going to keep trying to get her to try use it every day if I can so she's more furmilar with it as she's still bit scared to sit on it with no nappy on. So fingers crossed if I keep at it I'm hoping to potty train her by or before she turns age 3 in October. x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sun May 12, 2019 10:05 am

Hi Toni,

Thank you. I have my 12 week scan a few week on Tuesday, although I’ll be nearer to 14 weeks. My sickness has started to ease off now which is good. I’ve seen the midwife for my booking in appointment and that was all fine. I don’t think I see her again now until I’m 16 weeks and I think second pregnancies you see them less anyway, although I will be consultant led because of my c-section.

At least Arielle is starting in her bed. Hopefully she will start sleeping longer and longer in there and eventually she won’t need to come into you. My friends little girl is the same and she’s nearly two and ends up in bed with her and her husband every night. She says if they try put her back to bed she scream until she is sick.

It’s great Arielle is starting to use her potty. I always think Potty training must be so hard. Hopefully it won’t take long for Arielle to learn.

Are you going to start looking for a job? Do you have to work 30 hours yourself to get the childcare - I thought it was less than that. I only work 20 although I’ve not looked into it properly. I know sometimes they offer 15 hours from the age of 2 also but again I don’t know what the criteria for that is.

I’ll keep you updated after my scan too. Hopefully all is ok. Poppy has been a welcome distraction so we’ve really not had time to think about it, I think it will feel more real after the scan.

Speak soon. X
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Mon May 13, 2019 11:15 am

Hey Nicola,

That's good ur Scan isn't long away now.. It's great that ur past 12 was now & I'm sure all will be fine at ur scan.. I know it must be hard to wait but least up soon feel reassured. I'm glad ur sickness has stopped n ur booking in appointment went OK. Yea I guess ur right, I didn't realize the midwifes leave u to of more coz its your second pregnancy.
Does it mean up have to have another c section coz you did with Poppy? My oldest sis had 5 kids n the forth preg her twins were c section and then she had a baby after them natural birth.

Thank u, yea ur right its good Arielle starts off in her bed, last note she was asleep from 8.30pm but in bed with me from 2am n she wakes a lot crying especially wen she's not cuddled up to me enough.. Like she likes to lye on my arm is uncomfortable for me. I do really hope she'll grow out of it thou.. It does sound similar to ur friends child.

Thanks yea I know it can take long to potty train is why iv started now n Arielle likes sitting on it n sometimes she asks to do wee wee instead of nappy but she hasn't done anything on it since the first day on Thursday.. She'll sit on it for while n not do anything n keeps running around with bare bum lol but no accidents. I think she likes the break from a nappy n sitting on potty but will take a while for her to start using it.. I found a you tube video cartoon of. A monkey potty training which she likes to watch so I'm hoping that will help. I guess she'll get there when she's ready to.

Yes you are right that you can get 15 hours free at nursery if ur child is age 2 but only if you claim benefits (which I don't, I'm not entitled to them) or if ur partners income is low.. So we don't meet the criteria for it.
When Arielle is age 3 we'll be entitled to 15 hrs free at nursery even if I'm not working and if I'm working 30 hrs per week we'll be entitled to 15 more free hrs so basically 30 hrs free at nursery.
So yea plan is for me to find a job for 30 hrs and a nursery for Elle for January. So I need start looking at nurseries soon so I can choose one I want n hopefully one close to home.

Yes please let me know re ur scan.. I'll be praying for you. I'm glad Poppy distracts you from thinking about it too much.

Yesterday my first Angel baby would of been age 4.. I was busy n distracted with Elle but said a prayer n lit a candle with Dave in the night after Elle was asleep. Was sad but obviously having Elle always helps. X x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Tue May 14, 2019 1:53 pm

Hi Toni,

Sorry to hear it was your angel babies birthday - it’s hard but it’s nice you remembered them and I like to think now they paved the way for the babies we do have.

My scan is a week today so I’ll keep you updated. I am hoping to have a natural birth this time around but I have to see a consultant to discuss it and it depends if I have gestational diabetes again. I don’t want to be induced as there’s a high chance of scar reptile so I’ve i go into labour naturally before my due date then that’s ideal but if not I’ll ask for a c-section just after that. I’m guessing it won’t make much difference having had Poppy as she never engaged so it may be like a first pregnancy in that respect.

Hopefully Arielle will start sleeping longer stretches in her bed. She was at one point wasn’t she?. She sounds like she is doing well with the potty training though.

What kind of work will you look for? I’m guessing it will start after Christmas which is a good time for lots of jobs coming up.

Hope you have a good week. X
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sun May 19, 2019 5:28 pm

Hey Nicola,

Thank u, Yea your right it is always hard. I can never forget important dates. Yea I agree with you that our Angel babies paved the way for our babies we have now.
It was comforting to mark the day by praying n lighting a candle.

Oh wow so Ur scan must be tomorrow. Good luck for Ur scan Tomo, IL be crossing my fingers for you and il say a prayer for you. I'm sure all will be well n then you can relax n enjoy Ur pregnancy more.

I do remember you getting diabetes with your pregnancy with Poppy. I hope you are able to have a natural birth this time and you don't go overdue.

Thanks yea me too re Arielle sleeping longer in her own bed. Yea she was doing better at one point but then it went back to her ending up in my bed every night.

I stayed out Friday night cause I went to see my sister perform in her end of course uni show and cause it was far from mine n finished late n they were having drinks afterwards. I stayed over at my sis house. So I was away from Arielle over night for the second time. This time she was fine n happy to see me when I was home the next day. Dave said she slept in her bed from about 9pm til 7.55am. He had to go in there about 2 times to get her back to sleep. So she did well.

He can settle her back to sleep but when I go in her room at night she wants to come back to my bed with me coz she's more clingy with me.. so I just hope shel grow out of that soon.

Thanks, yea Elle hasn't weed on her potty again but she's still sitting on it every day n wanting to do I guess it will just take time.

I'm not sure re type of work IL do cause I may have to take what I can get but coz of my back trouble I don't want to go back to bar and shop work which IV done in the past. I'm hoping to get a Teaching Assistant job again coz Iv Done it for one year before and that would be ideal work for me plus I enjoy working with kids n more in a school then a nursery again. Plus it would be great to get school holidays. Yea Il look in Jan or mayb before as it could take a while to get a job. Il have to start looking for nurseries long before that thou. x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Wed May 22, 2019 4:14 pm

Hi Toni,

I had my scan yesterday, all went well. I’m 14 weeks so a bit earlier than expected and my due date is 19th November. It’s strange as it still feels so surreal. Maybe when I start getting a bump I might feel like I’m actually pregnant. I do feel like I’ve started to feel the odd movement which is nice.

That’s great Arielle slept so well when you were away. I hope she’s been ok since.

A teacher assistant job would be good, especially as you say with getting the holidays off. Plus, if it’s something you have experience in that’s always good.

I told my boss I was pregnant today and she was really happy for me and told me not to worry about work which was so nice as I had been so nervous to tell her. We are going to start telling our friends when we see them now.

Hope you have had a nice week so far.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sat May 25, 2019 1:20 pm

Hey Nicola, That is fantastic news. Congratulations :) I'm so happy for you. Wow 14 weeks along already then. You must feel so relieved all is well. I'm relieved for you, even thou I thought all would be well I said a prayer for u.
I'm not surprised it all seems surreal.. I guess it will take a while for it to sink in. I'm so happy for you n Ur hubby n Poppy. I bet Poppy is going to love having a baby brother or sister.

That's really reasuring re Ur work, I'm glad Ur boss was supportive n happy for you. I hope Ur taking it easy as u can n getting some rest. That will be lovely telling Ur friends.. I'm sure they will all be excited for u. That must be lovely n reasuring for u to feel movement n make it bit more real for u.

Yea I would really like to get a teaching assistant job again hopefully, there's always a lot of competition for them coz I was trying to get one while I was in my previous nursery job n I had a couple interviews but didn't get the jobs over not having enough experience as other candidates did.. but yea Il Def try get one n hope I have more like this time.

Yea I was relieved Arielle slept well for her dad the night I was away. She's still doing better but still wakes up in nite. Iv managed to get her to miss her nap the last 3 days which has helped her go to sleep at night easier but today she's been up early n very tired so she's having a nap at the moment.. so I'm still going to let her nap some days Wen she needs it. My backs still really sore after 3 weeks now, I do back stretches for bit n it's funny that Elle copy's me, so I'm hoping it will heal soon n trying to take it easier Wen I can.

I hope u have a good wknd n you must be getting more tired now Ur preg so I hope u are getting to have naps with Poppy Wen Ur not at work. x x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Butterfly1 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:44 pm

Hi ladies,

:D WOW :D CONGRATULATIONS NICOLA !!! That is such lovely news !! I am so happy for you. I hope you are feeling well? Have you started to get a little bump yet? Oh It is so exciting !! I am glad your work are being ok- I bet they are thrilled for you and how lovely little Poppy will have a sibling soon.
I hope Poppy is well. Cant believe she is over one and walking already - time just flies.

Toni I hope you and Arielle are well? I am glad to read she is starting to sleep longer on her own - its is so hard isnt't it? Jack still wakes in the night sometimes and ends up in our bed!! How is potty training going. We have a potty but Jack screams and wont go anywhere near it so I cant see us potty training any time soon!!! :lol: Cant believe Arielle will be three in the next few months. Sometimes I wish we could freeze time and enjoy them this age for longer !!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather

Take care xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:02 am

Thanks Tony. I’m 16 weeks tomorrow - the time is just flying by. I’m not feeling too bad now, the sickness has pretty much gone which is nice. And other than a few Wees in the night i am sleeping quite well. The only problem is I’m at that awkward stage where none of mu clothes fit but my maternity stuff is huge.

It sounds like Arielle is doing better in her bed so fingers crossed it carries on. She will get there.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed when you start job hunting. I may look for a different job when I return from maternity leave next time around.

Butterfly1 - thank you. I’m getting a little bump now and can’t fit into any of my clothes. I’m hoping because Poppy’s still young she won’t be too upset with the new arrival and won’t really remember it just being her - luckily she loves babies and always shouting “baby” when she sees one. She will be 22 months when this one arrives so a good age (I think).

How are you doing? Jack sounds like he’s growing up so fast. I’m sure he will let you know when he’s ready to start potty training. My friend started her little girl at 18 months and she took to it straight away and others I know didn’t get anywhere until nearer 3...they are all so different.

I had my glucose test done on Friday. I had gestational diabetes last time so had to be tested early. I hope I haven’t got it this time.

I hope you all had sunny lovey weekends. Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:07 am

Hey ladies,

Nicola Wow it does seem that time is going fast for your pregnancy, so u must be like 17 weeks now, before you know it ul be having Ur 20 wks scan.
I'm pleased to hear your sickness has calmed down n Ur sleeping well.
Bless you, do you try the hair band trick for Ur jeans where u can still wear them without doing up the button n use a hair band to keep them done up.

It will be lovely for Poppy to have a lil sis or brother, I bet they will be both so close.

I really hope you don't have Diabetes this time round.

Thank you, yea some nights Arielle has been staying in her bed til like 5am but then there are nights she doesn't but if I try to get back to sleep she won't lye down n gets upset n wants to come bk to bed with me. Where on sat night she was waking up so much over the space of about 3 hrs from about 2am n her dad kept going bk in her room to try settle her.. he wouldn't give up where as I would of just put her in bed with me. I get why he wants her to stay in her bed every night, but it was stress for me too coz obviously I can't sleep through her crying n feel bad for not going into her but I knew she would want to come with me. But other nights she Def does well n stays in her bed for hrs, so I said to my bf we just have to be patient for her to start doing it more.
Wen he has work in the week I can't be spending hrs trying to get Arielle back to sleep in her own bed coz il then be up with her in the morning, where as with him if he's up for hrs at the weekend trying to settle her Hel then sleep in to late the next day.

Thanks Nicola, I'm not looking forward to job hunting Wen I have to I think it will be good for me n Arielle in the long run to both be settled in a nursery n job.

Butterfly I hope you n Jack are well. Thanks yea Arielle does really well at sleeping in her bed some nights n other nights same as you n Jack shel end up in our bed. Im like her dad wanting her to stay in her bed every night but for sanity sake sometimes shel end up in our bed through the night n you do what u can to get some sleep. I see it as she won't be young for ever. Yea I can't believe that shel be age 3 in 4 months now.

I think her dad gets more anoyed about Arielle endin up in our bed than I do, coz he moans he needs a decent sleep for work so chooses to sleep on the sofa which I think is madness especcially as some nights Arielle has stayed in her bed til like 5am... She may wake around midnight but if her dad goes to her he can usually get her back to sleep in her own bed, where as I can't.

Oh bless Jack, Arielle was the same Wen I started potty training her she would scream n cry n not sit on her potty n then in time she would sit on the potty but only with her clothes on like playing.

Shel sit on it now n let me take off her pull up n shel say do a wee wee like she wants to use it n the first day she tried she did a wee which scared her a bit but then she was proud... But since then Wen I sit her on the potty she just sits on it n doesn't do anything, it's like she holds it in to doin her pull up. So I'm trying to chill more about it n realize shel start using it wen she's ready.

Jacks still so lil so I'm sure hel get there Wen he's lil older. I am hoping Arielle will start using it Especially Wen she's age 3, but I guess they all learn to Wen they are ready to.

My back has been really bad for like 6 wks now, is longest it's been constantly sore n I do stretches for it n use ice n bio freeze on it n obviously it's hard to rest it with Arielle, I'm trying to pick her up less but that ain't easy with her. So I went to a back specialist appointment yesterday n had treatment done where they crack Ur back is scary but hopefully it will help where my lower back discs n discs on my neck are Injured. The treatment has made me sore n I'm hoping il feel that it's helped in a few days the back specialist said hopefully in few days IL feel more better. He wants me to come for more weekly appointments but it's too expensive like £45 a session. So I'm hoping this one session I had will have helped.

Im invited to go out on Saturday night with my bf for his friends 40th, n my twin sis said shel babysit Elle, but I said il see if I feel ok enough to want to go out.

I hope you n Jack & Nicola n Poppy & Keeponhoping & Isobel are all well n your having a good week x x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:17 am

Hi Toni,

How’s your back now? Did you manage to go out to your boyfriends friends 40th?

My diabetes test came back clear. I have to have another one at 28 weeks. I’m 19 weeks tomorrow and have my 20 week scan next week. It’s going so fast. I had stated to feel some movement the last few weeks but haven’t had as much recently but the midwife said there’s plenty of room for them to move and hide and they don’t really ask you to monitor it until 24 weeks now.

How’s Arielle doing in her bed? Did it woke your boyfriend putting her back in that night?

Poppy’s been a bit unsettled recently and waking for a cuddle every now and again and a bit off food, I think it’s her teeth. She was upset when I dropped her off at nursery this morning which she hasn’t been for a while so I hope she’s ok: it’s such a long day as I drop her off at 8:30 and don’t get back until 6pm.

I’ve got a meeting at work tomorrow about my maternity cover too so that will be interesting.

Hope everyone is doing ok? Xx
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:50 pm

Hey Nicola,

My backs still not good but there's moments it hurts less, I'm constantly icing it at home n using bio freeze pain relief gel on it, which helps a bit. It hurts more Wen Iv been doing stuff like standing for long cooking n cleaning kinda thing or Wen I have to pick up Arielle. IV had two treatments by back specialist n he said I'd damaged my top discs n in lower back so he cracked my back n did other work on it. I'm going back for a 3rd treatment this Thursday so I'm just hoping it will help more.

Yes I did go to my bf friends 40th birthday party a couple weeks ago, it was only for few hrs n having a few drinks helped my back, it was good to get out for while n my sis had Arielle n that night she slept in her bed all night.

I'm so glad Ur diebtes test was negative & I really hope it will still be Wen Ur 28 wks fingers crossed. I bet u was relieved bit was neg.

How exciting Ur 20 wks this week. I really hope all goes well at Ur 20 wks scan this week, im sure it will do. Good luck.. so exciting.. I can't believe Ur half way through Ur preg already.

Yea that is right re what Ur midwife said re Ur baby's movements.. I'm sure it will get more in few weeks time.

I can't remember about my bf putting Arielle back in her bed. Arielle is doing better in her bed as in some nights shel stay there sleeping til like 5am ish but she's been going bed a lot later recently coz she was ill with a bad cold a week ago n high temperature n hardly eating so she was napping in the day coz was so ill n then not sleeping til like 11pm/12am... Then sleeping through the night in her bed. But she's a lot better now even thou still has cold but she's more her normal self n so I'm able to stop her napping most days n last few days she's coming to bed with me about 2/3am so it just depends. I'm hoping shel start sleeping more whole nights in her bed.

Awww poor Poppy I hope she's feeling better, I know how hard teething can be for baby's.. it sounds like that's why she's wanting more cuddles from u and with nursery as it does affect them a lot.
With Arielle Wen she was teething she would always put her hands in her mouth n Calpol would help her sleep better at night but I know it's hard for them n for u Wen they are teething.
That is a long day at nursery for Poppy, but ofcourse it has to be done.. that's the hrs we would have baby's n kids at my old nursery I use to work at or some would be there from even earlier like 7.45am Wen they were allowed to be there, it must be hard for u both, but it sounds like she does so well at nursery n I'm glad you still get days where Ur home together.

How did Ur meeting at work go re Ur maternity cover? I hope it went ok.
I hope Ur well n Ur two bubba's :)
It's amazing Ur going to have two lil baby's. I have a feeling ul have another girl.

I went to my friends baby shower on Saturday, I nearly wasn't going to go coz of my back but decided I would last minute. Elle was alot better n I wanted to have a break, although up until 30 mins before I left I was going to bring Elle with me as kids could go. But coz of my back I decided to leave her with her dad so I could have time to myself even thou I felt guilty to do so.. only coz I feel I haven't taken Elle bout much recently like to play groups etc coz of my back n then coz she's been ill.

But I think it did me good n was good to celebrate with my friend n other old work friends too.
I feel better that I took Elle to toddler group today coz she really enjoyed it n seemed confident.

I hope all u ladies are well n have a good week. x x x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:13 am

Hi Toni,

How’s your back now? Is Arielle feeling better, hope she’s still doing ok in her cot?.

We had our 20 week scan 2 weeks ago. All went well and we didn’t find out. She told us to look away when she was doing the bladder and we did. I do have a feeling it’s a girl but this baby is so much more wriggly than Poppy so sometimes makes me think boy as apparently they are more active in the womb. Only 18 weeks or so to go.

Have you stared looking for jobs yet?

Poppy’s moved up a room in nursery and really seems to be enjoying it. It’s for 18 months - 2 years so she’s the youngest but they said she’s getting on well and they get to have pudding in that room which I think she will love, although she does like her fruit and yogurt so may just want that anyway.

That’s nice you went to your friends baby shower. I hope she enjoyed it.

I hope everyone else is doing ok.

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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:53 pm

Hey Nicola,

I'm so glad to hear everything went well at Ur 20 wks scan, you n Ur hubby must be really relieved. Oh that's really exciting that you are going to wait to find out. I picture you having another girl to but you never know huh.. oh really I didn't know boys move more in the womb.
I can't believe Ur already half way through Ur preg.. Wen is Ur due date again? Are u coping ok in this hot weather..? Must be hard for u.

Awww that's so great that Poppy is doing so well at nursery, it sounds like the fact she's changed rooms has helped. That must make things easier for you knowing she's happy at nursery is really good.

Yes thanks my friend enjoyed her baby shower, she's due in a couples weeks with her first baby girl.

No I haven't started looking for jobs jet but I know I need to n nurseries too for Arielle coz January isn't far away.

Yes Arielle is much better thank u :) She's still sleeping in her own bed at night, she still wakes up n settles better with her dad but in the week Wen he's working it's usually me going in her room to settle her which is still harder for me so she still usually ends up in my bed in the night.

My back still not good n had 3 treatments on it. Uv been to my docs where a Physio examined me n I'm being referred to see a specialist team about my back will probably be in about 4 weeks time at my local hospital.. so il have to wait n see. N hope they can help me.

I hope you n Poppy are ok..

I hope everyone else is ok n enjoying the weather. x x x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 4:27 pm

Hi Toni,

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Been a busy few weeks with a friends hen do and wedding and we sadly lost our little dog a couple of weeks ago which was really upsetting.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant now. It’s really flying by. My husband keeps saying I look so much bigger this time around and that I look like I did now on my due date with Poppy. I’ve got my 28 week appointment with the midwife next week so will see what she measures me at. I definitely feel bigger though. I had my glucose test last week and that all came back normal which is good.

How are you doing? I hope Arielle is ok and sleeping well for you?

I’ve been so tired this past couple of weeks and feel like I could fall asleep anywhere.

Has your friend had her baby now?

Speak soon.

Nicola x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:59 pm

Hey Nicola, sorry for late reply myself. Been meaning to come on here for while.
How are u? How's Ur pregnancy going? So you must be I think about 30 wks now.. how did Ur 28 wks check go? I hope all's well with you & baby and that Poppy is well too...

It sounds like UV been busy with Ur friends hen do and wedding. I hope you had a good time.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, that's really sad news. I hope you and Ur family are ok.

I'm glad to hear your glucose test came back ok must be such a relief for you.

Oh really so Ur a lot bigger with this pregnancy than Wen was with Poppy.

How are u coping with work and how's Poppy doing at nursery? I hope but both well and Ur taking it as easy as possible.
When do you go on maternity leave?

Oh bless you, I'm not surprised you feel so tired. You must be on the go so much & must be a lot harder this time being pregnant with Ur baby Poppy to look after too n Ur job. I bet you be glad when u go on maternity leave.

Yea my friend had her baby a few days early I think was Aug 7th. She's doing really well with her baby girl but I haven't met her yet as waiting till she's ready for a visit.

I'm ok thank u and Arielle's well except she's been suffering for long while with constipation problems, so we've been doctors n I have to give her Lactlose twice daily n we go back to see the doctor again in wk or so. The medicine helps but Arielle still is having trouble going poo n it gives her s lot of pain.. I feel bad for her. It doesn't help that she's so fussy with her food.

Iv been trying to look for a nursery for Arielle to start in Jan when shel be able to get 30 hrs funding. As long as I'm working over 16 hrs. I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a good nursery n one that doesn't charge too much as most of them charge up to £200 per week n that's with the 30 HR funding n I don't want to work full time n Elle go nursery full time just to pay the nursery fees or have hardly anything left over or what's the point.

I did visit a nursery with Elle last week which she loved n I liked n it's a 15/20 mins bus ride away. They don't charge, you just bring a packed lunch and they open 8.30 til 2.30pm.. so im Def looking to apply if I can get a job not too far away that will fit in with them times. There's also another nursery in a primary school down the road from mine & they don't charge either n hrs are 9am to 3pm. So I'm going to try visit them n apply if I like it there. Only thing is Elle may have to wait til SEP 20 to go as they take kids the SEP after their 3rd birthday. But if that's case she could go to the other nursery in Jan & then change nurseries to the school local nursery next sep. Although the school nursery said there's a chance she could join their nursery earlier like next yr may or possibly Jan. So they are the two nurseries I'm interested at moi but there's a few more I'm going to ring. Iv already got details of 16 nurseries altogether but the rest are too expensive.

Then I will next start looking for a job preferable as a Teaching Assistant again.. part time to fit in with nursery hrs if possible.

My bf been off work for past two weeks n he was meant to go Wales to stay with family coz his step dad had hip opp, but he didn't get to go in the end so he's been home.

Iv had chance to go out few times.. been nice to see few friends n have a break from Elle.

I went to my friend's daughters 18th kareoke party few wks back n got so drunk. Was fun thou n my friend wasn't drinking so she filmed us all singing n sent us videos of it.. funny to watch.

Arielle is still going to bed now after I read 6 stories to her shel say good night to me n let me leave her n go to sleep on her own n she's more tired as generally she doesn't nap anymore but she's still waking in the night. My bf can still get her back to sleep n she then still ends up in bed with me in the night but sometimes not til 4am. But my bf goes back to work tomorrow so she may end up in bed with me earlier. She just seems to sleep a certain amount of time n then wakes up. She is bit more clingy lately but maybe partly coz of her constipation problems.

My Bruv came over yesterday with my 15 yr old nephew was nice to see them.

I can't believe Arielle will be age 3 next month October 15th has gone quickly. I can believe it coz she's such a chatterbox always asking questions n always singing but it def goes fast n she's still so petit.

Anyway I hope you & bubba & Poppy are well.

I hope everyone else and bubba's are ok too.

Take care

Speak soon X x x
princess pink
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby Nicola1720 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:37 pm

Hi Toni,

Sorry for the late reply. Time is just passing me by so quickly at the moment. I’m 32 weeks now. I have a consultant appointment on Thursday to discuss my birth options, with having the c-section they have to go through all the risks of having a natural birth. At the moment it’s not looking likely as this baby is also breech. Think I go back at 36 weeks after discussing the options to decide and put a birth plan into place.

I’ve still got 5 weeks left at work and feel so uncomfortable this time around. I wish I was finishing sooner. Thankfully I only work 2.5 days a week but then don’t get to rest on a Thursday or a Friday as I have Poppy.

Glad Arielle is doing ok. I really can’t believe she’s nearly 3.

I am sure a job will come up when the time is right and Arielle will settle into her nursery or pre school when you decide where she is going. Constipation is horrible. I have had it so badly this pregnancy and just can’t find anything that helps at all.

Is she sleeping ok?

Poppy had tonsillitis last week which was horrible. Her temperature went to 40, she was shivering and being sick so we had to go to hospital. She got antibiotics and is much better. It’s so horrible when they are so poorly though.

Hope you are doing ok too.

Nicola x
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Re: Heart is broken...

Postby princess pink » Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:34 pm

Hey Nicola,

Wow that's amazing Ur already 32 weeks pregnant. It does seem to be going fast.
Good luck with Ur consultant appointment tomorrow. Oh really so Ur baby is breech at moi.
I hope that you do get to have a natural birth still if baby isn't breech anymore when you go back. I understand main thing is that they keep you and your baby safe.

5 weeks at Ur work should go fast but I can imagine it must be hard for you to still be working and if you need to I hope Ur work will agree to you taking an earlier maternity leave.. cause you need your rest too.

It must be hard for you to be also looking after Poppy being heavily pregnant.

I'm so sorry to hear how ill Poppy was, poor bubba to get tonsillitis so little, it all sounds really scary. I'm glad Ur lil Princess is doing better now.

Yea I can't believe Arielle is 3 in few weeks time now.

Yea constipation is horrible, I'm still giving her meds for it twice a day n have to keep diary went she goes & it helps sometimes but she still suffers sometimes n cries went she goes. Like now she's not been properly in few days so she eats less til she can go.

Arielle has been ill too. Thing is I have had a viral infection for over two weeks, mainly with sore throat n headaches everyday but is worse at night. I went docs yesterday n just have to take parecetamol n wait til it goes.

A week or so ago Arielle got Ill, had to go docs twice coz she had temperature too of 40, she wouldn't eat n just kept sleeping n when had runny poo was shaking and was sleeping do much n eating n so clingy. Docs tell me she had viral infection. ( So even though I haven't been and I'm not really ill with temperature, it looks like she got germs from me to get it)

So I basically had to give her calpol, Nurofen, antibiotics reg, after couple days she seemed bit better n started eating again n then by Sunday morning she was covered all over with a rash so I rang 111 and got a hospital appointment.

111 reassured me that rash was probably from viral infection or an allergic reaction to Antibiotic so I had to stop giving her them.
But I was told to bring her in Just to be sure n checked over.

I wasn't impressed that my bf didn't even come to hospital with me coz he said he didn't think he needed to come n he had a cold.
I feel he can be selfish like that n let me do everything n obviously I wasn't feeling well myself but obviously Ur kids come first.

So anyway I took her to hospital n luckiest straight away doc said same thing that rash was probably from viral infection.
Then two days later rash faded away n Elle was back to normal self.

Unfortunately she's lost some weight from wen was ill n I feel bad coz she's so tiny anyway, she always has been.

Doctors are referring her to see a pedestrian about her constipation n mentioned her weight too, I said Elle's always been tiny even before she suffered constipation so it was not coz she doesn't eat coz she does she's just fussy.
I do n have always worried thou cause she's nearly 3 and mainly still wears age 9-12 months clothes like especially jeans n leggings coz her waist is tiny n I get happy if the odd 12-18 months or 1-1 & half Ur old clothes fits her but generally most her clothes are 9-12 months or they'll be too big around her waist. I try not to worry n just accept she's tiny. Thing is her dad is really small build no fat on him at all and before I had implant at 35 n then obviously had Elle at 39 where I've gained a lot of weight.. I was always tiny size 8 up until age 35.

So I just hope Elle is only tiny coz of her genes and not coz something is wrong with her coz she does eat n seems to be developing well. She don't stop talking n singing all the time n is always on the go n always asks questions.

I been taking Elle to soft play couple times recently n she's been doing my Zumba n Pilates exercises IV started doing on you tube on TV since last week to get fit n strengthen my back, cause at my hospital appointment last week for my back doctor said I have no nerve damage n it's safe to exercise to strengthen it n just to just being careful n stop for couple days if my back goes bad again.

But now since yesterday Elle has a cold .

She still sleeping in her bed to begin with but no she does not sleep well as still always waking up lots even when ending up in my bed is exhausting.

She doesn't nap anymore but I'm letting her nap at moi where she's ill with cold n we were up a lot last night.

Yea thank u hopefully I'll find a suitable job in time.
We went to another nursery visit yesterday at our local school so 10 minutes away & me n Elle liked it. Hrs are 9-3 Mon to Fri but they also do a breakfast n after school club so if needed she could start at 8am & stay till 4pm or 5.30pm if I pay bit extra as the other 30 hrs would be covered by the 30 funded hrs I'd get. So I applied yesterday n hoping she can go there.

Head teacher said they don't usually take children til the Sep after their 3rd birthday would be next year but she thinks they would be able to take Elle in January.

So fingers crossed.

Anyway I hope Tomo appointment goes well n you get rest.

Speak soon and I hope Poppy is ok X x x
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