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PUL, previous ectopic

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PUL, previous ectopic

Post by Tara2 »

I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar?
I had an ectopic pregnancy in July my hcg went from 2600 to 7200 to then 18,500 just after 5 days. I was having spotting and some pain in right groin which was uncomfortable not unbearable. I got taken to surgery and my left Fallopian tube removed.
Fast forward to November and we have found out we are pregnant again which are beyond happy about but extremely anxious- no spotting this time but pain in the right groin again. I went to EPU where my hcg was 866 then 1205- I got scanned the day after the hcg of 1205- so I assume it must have been 3000 & again pregnancy of unknown location. I’ve now got to wait 8 days for a scan and I’m beyond terrified of loosing my remaining tube. The EPU have said several times hcg increased which is reassuring but that happened last time. I’ve had a good read on google and everywhere says at 1500-2000 a sac should be seen ? The nurse said it may just be a very early pregnancy? It feels like deja vu :(
Thank you
Tara x

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Re: PUL, previous ectopic

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Dear Tara,
I am sorry to hear of your worries,
After an ectopic pregnancy, finding we are pregnant again can be a mix of emotions and I can completely understand your feeling nervous. It is perfectly normal to feel scared after the ordeal you have endured. I also felt twinges and aches after my ectopic pregnancy, particularly when I next felt pregnant. My mind started racing and I was only really able to relax to some degree after my early scan. It is a nerve-wracking time and you have a friend here who understands how you are feeling.

To provide an overview - with a healthy pregnancy, hCG levels typically double every 48-72 hours. If levels rise normally, they can suggest (but not give a certain answer) that the pregnancy is implanted in the uterus. HCG levels that rise by less than 66 per cent over 48 hours can mean the pregnancy may be ectopic. So while hCG levels can rise with an ectopic pregnancy this isn't necessarily at the "normal" rate. Declining levels can indicate that the pregnancy has ended - possibly a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy that is "self resolving".

A Pregnancy of Unknown Location (PUL) is not a diagnosis but a label until the final location can be identified with certainty. I cannot be sure, but it certainly could be the case that it may be too early to see a pregnancy on your scan. For every 100 pregnancies labelled as a PUL about 10 will subsequently be found to be ectopic; and not all of these will need treatment.
I am glad you are booked in for another scan and although I do not wish to alarm you, I would advise to seek urgent medical advice with any abdominal pain, bleeding, shoulder tip pain or you feel dizzy and unwell.

I wish I could give you tips on how to make this week go quicker, I vividly remember the wait for my scans and it is such a worrying time. Take each day as it comes and try to keep yourself busy.

Sending much love and positive thoughts,
Karen x

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