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Clomid pregnancies

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Clomid pregnancies

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Hello Ladies,
I wanted to ask if there were any ladies who have had a similar experience to me and if they would share?
I had an ectopic pregnancy sadly in April 2016, I lost my left tube with the remaining right tube in good health, and after 18 months I successfully conceived my son naturally and he is now 2.5 years old. The next phase of our life is to try for another one, however this time round it hasn't been as easy as I had hoped.
I was diagnosed with an endometrial polpy in Nov 2020 and after having it removed through private medical cover, I explained to the doctor my history and trying for another. He decided to run some hormone tests to check everything was fine given I already had my son, he also assumed everything would come back normal.
However the test results showed as I have low progesterone levels... all the other hormones are well and fine.
So the doctor found this quite strange so he ran this test again for me over x2 cycles and both came back with the same results again, low progesterone levels.
The results showed that I did not ovulate over those x2 cycles for some reason. I also decided to have a private internal well woman scan to assess my ovaries, tube health and uterus, all showing up as fine.
The doctor decided that as my results are showing as no ovulation occurrence, it would be best to put me on 50mg of clomid to see if this can help me. I have done some research and reading on clomid both on this platform and also external so I am aware of what it can do.
The question I have is, has there been any women in a similar situation to me? If yes, did you successfully conceive with clomid and how many rounds of clomid did you have to take before it happened? Did you suffer any side affects from Clomid?
This is the first time I have ever been down this assisted conception route as my son was conceived completely naturally, with actually the amazing support and help of this platform.
I just hope someone can shed some light for me?
Thank you!

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