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Wrong diagnosis/erupted ectopic

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Wrong diagnosis/erupted ectopic

Post by Hols02 »

2 years ago I had server pain in my shoulder for serval days and it got so bad I had to go to a&e, whilst I was waiting I went to the toilet and I was bleeding, once I saw the doctor I explained about my pain and that I had just been bleeding I also told him I had pcos he then said he thinks the shoulder pain is a pulled muscle and the bleeding is due to my pcos. 10 days later I explained these symptoms to my sister and she said did the hospital do a pregnancy test I said no so she got a test and it was positive, the next day I had really bad abdominal pains and called the doctors and they said to go straight to a&e which I had a serious ectopic and it had erupted so had a emergency operation. Then about 2 months ago I found out I was pregnant and called the early care as they said I was at high risk of having another one, they scanned me the following week and couldn’t find anything so said it could be to early or ectopic/miscarriage. I then had a blood test that day on Monday which my levels were 475 then again 48 hours later at 847 I also told them I had been bleeding, on Friday I had another blood test and it was 1200 and something they said the next thing will be a scan which will be on Monday I said can I not have a scan on Saturday as I don’t want to lose my tube again if it is another ectopic they said they don’t do scans at the weekend unless it’s emergency but I did think well I am high risk and I had been bleeding and my levels are at a level where you should see something? But they didn’t they scanned me on Monday and it was a ectopic. I then had the jab and a blood test then had a blood test on Friday I then had pain on Saturday but thought it was because of the side effects but called up about my results and they said that they were high and I said isn’t that bad she said as long as your not in pain I said I am so I went to hospital had a scan and it had erupted! Then they done a blood test and the levels had gone down so the jab started to work but it was to late! I just wanted some advise if anyone thinks they could of done more to save my tube? I just feel they should of scanned me on the Saturday rather then the Monday as they left it two whole days for it to grow and the jab would of had 2 extra days to work as it did start to work but it was to late just wanted to know if anyone would agree?

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Re: Wrong diagnosis/erupted ectopic

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Hi Hols02,

I am so sorry to hear all you have been through and that you have suffered these ectopic pregnancies and losses. I also very sorry to hear that the medical treatment and guidance you received was not as it might have been. While I'm not medically qualified to comment on your specific situation, I will do my best to help.

Its so important to know that there is nothing you did to cause, nor nothing you could have done to prevent these ectopic pregnancies. As we go through the situation, its confusing and causes so many emotions. You know your body best, and I always encourage women to advocate for themselves. But I know this can be difficult when medical advice feels different.

While many health care professionals provide excellent levels of care, sadly we do sometimes come across instances where the care is not as we would expect. I'm sorry that you have had to go through this. In terms of your circumstances, you may be aware that you can raise your thoughts via the Patient Advice and Liaison Service or PALS. You can find your local PALS here and it may be an avenue which can help: ... n-service/

It is impossible to know what other outcomes may have been. I've had similar feelings myself when my MTX shot was administered, but then I ruptured anyway. It is hard to process through sometimes, but I encourage you to be kind to yourself. I did find some closure by writing to the hospital (this happened in Canada, so different than PALS), and they did review my case for additional doctor training.

I'm glad you have found these boards and know that we are here for you for as long as you need.

With good wishes,


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